Can Compelling Web Site Content Build Trust?

The hardest part of the client acquisition process is getting the potential client to reveal himself/herself to you. The purpose of your marketing web site is to gain your visitor's trust and convince him/her to contact you.

Your Web Site Represents You

Clients don't hire companies; they hire people. Our need to build relationships explains why even big companies still have a sales force. As a professional, your web site is an extension of you. Its tone and message should reflect your personality. Your clients may very well see your web site as an indicator of what it's like to work with you.

Anticipate the needs of your audience

What do clients want to know about you? Anticipate their questions and answer them on your web site. Provide not just company information but also personal information as well. You want to give a potential client enough information so that he/she feels comfortable calling you. Most importantly, make sure they know whom to contact; always provide a name and number for clients to call.

Use Technology To Tell A Better Story

Why limit yourself to just words? Flash animation allows you to tell your story through slideshows and interactive presentations. You can also provide useful tools such as calculators and interactive checklists to help your audience make decisions or learn more about your services. Web guru Jacob Nielsen once said, "The web rewards those who are generous." Your investment in your web site can reward you with the trust and good will of your audience.

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