Personal Emails Remind People You Value Their Relationship

Email is the fastest and most cost-effective way to stay in touch

Have you sent out Christmas cards, newsletters, or postcards to professional contacts? Then you know that mailing campaigns are expensive and time consuming. With email, you can easily communicate with all your contacts with news and announcements to make.

What is the purpose of a personalized email campaign?

  1. Develop and maintain relationships.
  2. Keep people informed of your successes and the direction of your company. Let them know about new services, publications, and awards.
  3. Encouraging word-of-mouth referrals. You can also offer your help as a strategic partner.

Who is your audience?

In a general mailing, your audience might include everyone you know. Specific campaigns can target potential partners or clients who may help you achieve your business development objectives.

What can you expect from campaign?

  1. Increased traffic to your web site. You can track frequent visitors and follow up with a phone call.
  2. Referrals and leads depend greatly on the availability of new projects. However, being proactive increases the odds that people will remember you when they are asked to give a referral.

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If you ask me to recommend an AV consultant, the first name that I would say is Charles Salter. I cannot say that I know Charles Salter very well or enjoy working with him more than other consultant. However, for five years, Salter's office sent me a postcard every quarter. His is the only firm I can name without consulting my contact list. You see, it pays to stay in touch.