Strategic Partnerships Can Open Door To New Markets

You can target decision-influencers to reach potential clients

If your new target market is new homebuyers, how do you reach your audience? You can find them through the people who sold them houses - Realtors, of course. Strategic partnerships can be an excellent source of leads.

How do you find strategic partners?

  1. Define your target market and establish criteria for strategic partners.
  2. Identify potential partners. You can use the Internet to find and evaluate companies.
  3. Develop incentives for them to work with you. How can you help them achieve their objectives?
  4. Send email to contacts. You may need to send a letter as well.
  5. Use web site tracking tools to evaluate the best prospects to follow up with a phone call.

What can you expect from campaign?

  1. More leads - this might not happen overnight, as marketing of this nature requires time for the relationship to deepen, but it can happen
  2. Name recognition - You will remain more top-of-mind for your clients, even if you haven't talked to them in a while
  3. Referrals - if you offer good information and advice in your writings, your clients will share with their peers
  4. Greater website traffic - Email is only the starting point. Powerful tools and functionality will draw visitors back more often and for a longer period

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