Help Online Customers Find You

Optimize your web site for search engines

When your customers look for your product or a competitor's product on search engines, will they find you? You can optimize your web site design so that search engines properly index important keywords such as your name, your company, your projects, and your products. This can increase your visibility in search results.

Buy leads to find the right audience

The Internet is fast becoming the primary source of information for people looking for products and services. Many of your potential customers begin their research and analysis on the web. You can take advantage of this trend by having a search keyword purchase program with performance-based "cost-per-click" vendors.

Look for clients in your local area

Since over 30% of all consumer searches specify a geographical location, you can greatly increase your chances of being more highly listed in the search engine results if you mention the locations specified by the users. Many successful online businesses build dozens of additional pages, specifically for the purpose of being included in a search engine.

Encourage Referrals

Satisfied Clients Are Your Best Salespeople. Make it easy for clients and strategic partners to use your web site to refer friends and associates to you. You might consider web forms that allow your customers to refer friends and incentives/gifts to reward referrals.

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